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Bowling Meditation

We cannot be sure if there is any such thing as bowling meditation but we can assume that there are methods of calming ourselves before beginning competition.

Everyone who has experienced pre-event jitters, excessive nervousness, tension, or negativity before beginning an important competition has likely sought ways to calm down and get ready to perform.

You don’t need to get into a trance to calm yourself but there are a few things you can use to help you gear down your emotions to an acceptable level.

When you get nervous, here is what you might try to relax and bowl to your capabilities:

Breathe slowly in and out several times and steady your heart rate.

Anxiety can cause you to get out of your proven routine so slow your bodily movements when moving about the settee area in preparation to take your warm-up deliveries.

Your brain is the real key to getting your physical motion working effectively so silently speak to your body parts such as your arm and legs in order to command them to relax and move smoothly and without tension.

Regardless of your ability, your mind can instruct your body to react smoothly and with precision regardless of the challenges of pressure bowling

Trust your decisions to make adjustments as needed once you have begun competition. Use your reservoir of knowledge to guide your decision making.

You need not be in a totally tranquil state to begin bowling competition. In fact, by doing a few slow moving stretching exercises to loosen your leg, arm, and shoulder muscles before bowling will help you steady your nerves and achieve a “ready-to-go” state of being.

So, when it comes time to make a critical shot during competition, take a deep breath or two and exhale slowly and then focus on making one good delivery. You will find you have the power within to overcome emotions and bowl well when it counts.