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Bowling Is A Cool Game

If you have never bowled, get together with some friends and bowl a couple of games socially so you can experience the fun. You'll need to know a few things about open bowling to get started so you enjoy your time bowling and are encouraged to return. Open bowling is a commonly used term referring to bowling non-league or non-organized events. Most folks bowl for practice, for fun with friends, or in friendly competition where scores are not recorded for averages or for competitive standings.

When first arriving at the bowling center, check in at the central control desk which is usually located near the front entrance. Price and lane availability information is available at the control desk. The desk personnel will assign you a lane to bowl on and will also provide rental house shoes. Street shoes are not allowed on the bowling approaches. House shoes typically run about one-half size larger than street shoes so be ready to try them on to ensure a comfortable fit.

Select a house ball from the available inventory provided by the bowling center. House balls are typically located near the lanes on special racks and have a number labeled on each ball which corresponds to the approximate weight of the ball. House balls range from 6 lbs. to 16 lbs. maximum allowed weight. As a rule of thumb, adults will use from 12 lbs. to 16 lbs. in weight, while the kids will choose lighter weight house balls. Generally, the weight for a kid's ball should come close in weight to matching their age.

House balls are drilled with finger and thumb holes - three total holes with the largest hole intended for thumb use. The holes are not custom fit for anyone in particular but rather drilled to fit bowlers of all hand sizes.

If you take to bowling and think it is a game you will enjoy, we recommend purchasing your own bowling shoes and bowling ball.
Having a bowling ball custom fit to your hand will reduce the likelihood of hand discomfort or possible injury caused by using bowling balls drilled randomly for the general public. Your control and accuracy will also improve if you bowl with a ball that is properly fitted to your hand.

Control desk personnel can assist you in entering the names of all bowlers in your party into the automatic scorers. The bowling center personnel are always happy to show you how to use the scorers and will help if there is a scoring error or problem while you are bowling.

All in all, it's easy to prepare to bowl and fun to spend recreational time with family and friends. Perhaps you may even advance to joining a league and bowling regularly with your own teammates. Most bowling centers also offer services such as birthday parties for the kids or organized group bowling functions where food and beverages can be provided.

Bowling is a game for everyone. Round up a few friends and get out to your local bowling center soon.