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Bowling For Bucks

If you wish to succeed as a competitive bowler, learn to bowl for money. Bowling is a mental and a physical game and because of it, you must develop the desire to overcome self-induced pressure during competition.

Bowling well doesn’t just happen; you must prepare your physical game and you must develop mental discipline to allow yourself to perform to your capabilities when the money is on the line.

Any bowling champion at any competitive level, leagues, tournaments, or head’s-up action bowling, has learned the art of staying in the moment and executing the best shots possible.

When bowling for bucks, make every effort to apply yourself each delivery. No one shot is more important than another.

The habits you develop through rational training methods and practice will follow you throughout your bowling career. If you allow yourself to think more about the end result rather than staying in the moment and making one good shot at a time, you risk failure.

Champions can overcome physical game shortfalls by developing strong willpower and mental toughness.

Any bowler who works hard and tries his or her best each and every shot no matter what the situation is or how much money is at stake, builds inner drive to overcome challenges.

Like all things in life, bowling for money is cyclic.

Some days you win and some not.

The trick is to never overreact emotionally as to throw off your own game when you are in close competition with opponents.

The good shots, the the bad shots, the breaks, and the “taps” all will happen. We never know when or which order they happen so throw caution to the winds, focus on making good shots, and let the fortunes of this game we enjoy come your way.

If you are determined to succeed and do the preparation for your competition, sooner or later you will be rewarded.

Learn to capitalize on your skills, to recognize when a cycle change occurs. Never panic, and always focus on making your next shot the best one you are able to deliver.

Overcoming the pressure of bowling for money starts with making sound decisions and then trusting your decisions.

Welcome pressure situations rather than fear them. Fear is an emotion in much the same way as is joy. Commit to taking on pressure bowling situations and deal with them best by relying on your skills to work to your advantage.

Winning is contagious and is bred from talent, from a committed effort to overcome challenges, and from “the 3 D’s” of bowling - desire, determination and dedication.