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Bowling Equipment of Columbia Industries Inc

It has always been a goal of companies in the bowling industry to help players fulfill their craving for victory in big competitions, or get a perfect score in an outing with friends to say the least. Bowling is a very addicting sport, which is why Columbia Industries Inc. is here to satisfy every player’s cravings the game.

Columbia Industries Inc. is one of the brand names of a manufacturer of bowling balls and other ten-pin bowling equipment called Ebonite International. Among other brand names are Track, Ebonite, Robby’s, Hammer Bowling, and Dyno-Thane.

Columbia 300s are famous for their beautiful and eye-catching colors and designs, made of pearly, brightly colored polyester materials. Columbia 300s look good, but more importantly, they have great performance. Columbia Industries Inc. dedicates its resources for research and development to improve the “striking sphere” of their Columbia 300s. They also conduct research for the bowling community, such as testing impact and mixing of the pins, gyration, coefficient of restitution, amount of flare, and others. Columbia 300s can be made of polyester and polyurethane.

Columbia Industries Inc. does not just manufacture and sell bowling balls. They also produce bowling ball bags, bowling ball hand-grips, and bowling accessories. The following are pieces of bowling equipment manufactured by Columbia Industries Inc.:

It seems that the company was set up to cater to the needs of all bowling enthusiasts, because it provides not just bowling balls but a lot of other products related to bowling, too. Columbia Industries also manufacture bowling accessories, bowling ball hand-grips, and bowling ball bags. Having said all these, it can’t be denied how much Columbia Industries, Inc. has changed the bowling community. Feel free to try the bowling balls and see the difference.

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