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Bowling Distractions

We are only human and becoming distracted is a common occurrence. However, when you are bowling in competition there are times when becoming distracted can be non-productive.

Most everyone bowls in a league, or leagues, and some also bowl tournaments. All competition presents the opportunity for becoming distracted.

Developing good powers of concentration can be helpful, but is not always something you can make happen on command.

If you find yourself getting distracted due to sudden noises or unusual activity from motions of others around you, you need to find an escape.

It helps to able to put on your “bowling blinders” to avoid visual distractions, but it is not always possible. It would be great if loud and unexpected noises did not adversely affect your ability to continue concentrating on your game, but this is not always the case.

Sometimes when you try to not listen to others you actually hear chatter more frequently than normal. When you try hard to not let unusual motion around you deter you, you become very distracted.

Focusing only on your lanes and on making your next shot a good one is the trick.

It is important to know that there are going to be distractions. However, there are ways of deflecting these distractions so they do not adversely affect your performance

You may wish to take a short stroll a pair or two away, relax, smile, and watch others bowl before moving back to your pair of lanes.

Once you realize normal distractions are part of the game in loud bowling centers filled with people, you can develop the ability to become impervious to noise and motion.

The notion of noises and unwanted activities around you is self-induced. Once you learn how to step away from your “bowling shell” and be the one starting a conversation, others will respond. You then can complete your short diversion, and resume your concentration privately.

Reducing tension when bowling in competition is another way of avoiding distractions.

Place energies on paying attention to your work at hand.

Learn to not be so tight between frames.

If you do need to be alone, walk away. You will relax a bit and it will be much easier to gather your thoughts in preparation for your next turn on the lanes.

Your ability to concentrate is unique to yourself. You have your own threshold for dedicated concentration. You simply need to find your own way of passing time between frames without knocking yourself off of stride.

If you are successful, you will find it becomes easier to concentrate each time you bowl in competition.