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Bowling Coach And Author Mark Baker continues presenting Editorial articles with this spotlight feature on former PBA Tour star, bowling coach and author Mark Baker. This four time PBA Champion is distinguishing himself long after his career as a professional bowler has ended by evolving into a prolific bowling coach and an author.

Mark Baker was a gifted high school athlete. He played basketball exceptionally well and received national recognition as an outstanding high school basketball player. He bowled in youth programs further displaying his prowess as an ardent athlete. He then went on to earn more national acclaim on the PBA Tour as a multiple tour titlist and was named to multiple All-American Teams during his career.

Mark was a strong, physically imposing athlete, especially when he stepped on the bowling lanes. If you had to bowl against him, you knew you were in for a tussle.

Mark has brought the intensity that propelled him to success on the PBA Tour directly to his coaching. For the past several years, Mark has coached both individuals and group clinics in the Southern California area. His notoriety as a coach has spread across America and the success of his coaching has risen to a height that perhaps even Mark himself did not visualize.

More and more bowlers today, including the professionals on Tour, seek the services of Mark Baker. Mark has been recognized as one of Bowlers Journal International's "Top 100 Coaches."

Mark decided to develop his own bowling camp where students could spend time and work on their physical and mental games under his watchful eye and his talented staff in hopes of improving as players.

Mark took it upon himself to build an endearing relationship with the Sunset Station Hotel, Casino, and Bowling Center in Las Vegas, Nevada which now hosts the “Camp Bakes” Instructional Clinics twice a year that always fill up quickly. These Camps have enjoyed tremendous successes with many students enjoying the experience so much that many return for another Camp to continue their journey toward attaining their bowling goals.

Mark uses the coaching services of renowned players such as PBA Champions and Hall of Fame members Barry Asher and David Husted along with future Hall of Fame player Chris Barnes as assistant coaches at his Camps. Other assistant coaches are PBA and former LPBA Champions such as Joe Hutchinson, Robin Romeo, Jason Couch, Kim Terrell-Kearney, and the great Tommy Jones who also support Mark’s vision for coaching.

Because of his successes coaching countless bowlers through his various programs, Mark made a decision to express his extraordinary instructional talent and his unique coaching systems by publishing his book, “The Game Changer.”

Chris Barnes is quoted as saying, “"I believe that Mark's system is revolutionary and will change the way the sport is taught."

Tommy Jones is quoted as saying, "Mark's eye for seeing things is unmatched compared to any other coach that I've ever worked with.”

With endorsements for Mark’s new book from two outstanding players in the history of the PBA like these , you may wish to consider picking up a copy of the “Game Changer” and find out why the book is unique.

The book is a highly recommended read for any serious bowler looking to improve their game. Simply search the Internet for Mark Baker and you will likely find his book and how to contact him if you are in need of his instructional services. It is not often an athlete will make his “Mark” as a player, an instructor, and an author. Mark has managed to accomplish all three.

Mark Baker asked me to express his appreciation to you community visitors for taking valuable time in reading this article and he hopes and wishes each of you the very best and much success on the lanes. Everyone at wishes you the same.

Rich Carrubba

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