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Bowling Beginners Footwork Tips

Publish Date: 11/16/15

There are bowling beginners footwork tips which can also be used by more experienced players. If you are starting out in the game and wish to tidy your steps, then follow these few simple tips:

*Walk at the same pace each step to the foul line and slightly increase your stride each step with your final slide step being the longest.

*Walk a straight line path to the foul line with each step close to the center portion of your body for balance purposes.

*Regardless of where you align yourself on the approach for strike and spare deliveries, walk a straight line path.

*Remain in an athletic posture with a slight amount of knee flex and with your shoulders leaning forward enough to remain positioned above your knees maintaining this posture throughout your approach.

*Avoid taking a quick first step which starts your approach too quickly; build momentum gradually.

*Use slightly more knee flex during your final sliding step for balance and stability.

Tempo and direction are the two chief components for good footwork.

Rely on good walking tempo, walking a consistently straight line (or with a slight amount of drift in same direction each time you bowl), and maintain good body balance so you become an accurate shotmaker.

These simple keys related to footwork are basic for beginner bowlers but work for any bowler and can be universal in application.

If you are new to the game, however, it is recommended to take a bowling lesson before getting too far along to learn how to take good steps and how to align yourself on the approach for strikes and for spares.

Remember, accuracy in bowling is developed by learning principles of good footwork.