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Bowling Ball Differential Ratings

If you would like to identify the bowling ball hook potential, when searching for your next bowling ball, then check out the Differential of RG rating provided by the manufacturer to aide in your equipment selection process.
Differential of RG is the difference between the maximum and minimum Radius of Gyration (RG). Differential of RG indicates the bowling ball's track flare potential. uses a simple scale to help categorize the Differential of RG as a measurement varying numerically from .01 - .08 in range. This measurement typically describes the bowling ball flare potential rating and thereby indicates if the flare potential can be assessed as low, medium, or high.
Choosing a ball with the right amount of hook potential to match your local lane conditions is so important. Use the Differential of RG ratings information below to identify the information needed in your bowling ball selection process. The Differential of RG measurement is one of the key factors in understanding bowling ball motion.
Placing Differential of RG range measurements into three relative numerical spreads would read as follows:
Low Diff.-RG: .01 - .02 (low flare potential)
Med. Diff.-RG: .03 - .04 (med flare Potential)
High Diff.-RG: .05 - .08 (high flare potential)
The higher the number, the greater the track flare potential as well as a more angular motion produced from the break point to the pocket. The lower flare potential will yield more of a smooth arc motion on the back end of the lane.

Once you have selected a bowling ball with the given hook potential, you can further augment the track flare by selecting an appropriate drilling layout. Drilling layouts can range from a weak layout to a strong layout depending on the ball motion you seek.
The next time you are searching for a new bowling ball, check out the description details for the Differential of RG specifications to help you select a ball with the appropriate track flare and hook potential rating. Your pro shop professional can be extremely helpful in planning a strategy for introducing your next bowling ball into your equipment arsenal.
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