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whereby's information and copyright must be included. Chris Paul Interview

NBA All-Star Chris Paul is a USBC spokesperson and a great friend to the sport of bowling. was able to sit down with the Hornets point guard before the start of the 2009-2010 NBA season to talk about his love of bowling, family, charity and much more. When you think NBA superstar, you don't automatically think "bowler." How did you get started in bowling.

CP3: How did I become a bowler? It's just something that stuck with me. My dad used to be in leagues all the time when me and my brother were kids. We would just go there with him. We used to pull the bumpers out and make the ball ricochet and go down the lane. And as I got older we started going as a family. Then when I got to college my university had a bowling alley right down from the school and on Tuesday nights there was Wake Forest night so me and a bunch of my teammates would go up there every Tuesday and for Christmas my parents got me and my brother bowling balls and it's been competitive between me and my brother ever since. Who usually wins that?

CP3: Me, now I mean there's no such thing as just friendly bowling between me my brother and my dad every time it's "all right. Let's go, let's see whose going to win." So it's a family thing for you - even in college it was your extended family, your teammates. Do you think that's a good way people can find some bonding with some of the folks in their circle?

CP3: Most definitely. The funny thing about it is that I did have a few teammates who were from other parts of the United States and were like, "bowling? We don't go bowling" and it's funny to see them now. These guys have their own bowling balls and bowling bags and it's really a sport you can come into late and it will still hook you on that quick.

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