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Bowl Calmly

If you are the nervous bowler, you can train your body muscles to bowl calmly.

Everyone gets nervous or anxious when facing pressure bowling situations. If you find this happening to you, learn to mentally relax.

Learn to breath slowly in and out and release tension before stepping onto the approach.

Rely on key physical game fundamentals of your game to serve you well when bowling in pressure situations. Rely on controlled breathing, on inhaling and exhaling slowly, to steady your bowling nerves.

Stand softly on the approach when taking your stance position. Feel as light as a feather in your bowling shoes. Mentally visualize walking softly on eggshells before you actually take a step.

Your brain is the real key. Your brain will instruct the rest of your body to react smoothly and with precision.

Good bowling comes from being well practiced. Just remember that your brain commands your physical body motion and can overcome any possible tension you may be experiencing.

Allow yourself to trust in the messages your brain sends to your body.

Take a deep breath or two and exhale slowly. Focus on making one good shot at a time.

Focus sharply on your intended sighting target.

Keep it simple. Success comes from overcoming the fear of defeat. Rely instead on your strengths, your key fundamentals, and apply them in competition.