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Benefits Of Using Plastic Bowling Balls For Spare Shooting

By:, Originally Posted: 5/30/16; Updated: 2/24/21

Here are benefits of using plastic bowling balls for spare shooting:

*Consider strongly using a plastic ball for spare shooting. Plastic bowling balls will hook less than any other bowling balls because of the low friction coverstock and extremely smooth surface yielding little friction between the ball and the lane.

*If you have developed a hook ball delivery motion, plastic bowling balls are useful when shooting cross lane spares because they will hold their line to the spare better than more aggressive hooking bowling balls.

*Expect a plastic bowling ball to provide a long and controllable ball skid distance with a very modest ball motion on the back end.

*Plastic balls favor slow ball speed players for both strike and spare ball deliveries.

*Plastic balls will not hook as quickly as urethane balls because of the lesser amount of friction generated on the lane surface.

*Expect your sight target on the lane to be aligned with the front portion of your bowling shoulder.

*Make sure to follow through in the direction of the sight target giving you your best chance at converting the spare. If you follow a reliable spare adjustment system, plastic bowling balls can be trusted to react consistently if you make good, smooth deliveries.

*Set up with the front portion of your bowling shoulder facing squarely at the key pin in your spare combination and keep your eyes fixed on your intermediate sight target (typically located at or near the bowling arrows on the lane).

Spare shooting is a vital part of the competitive game. Developing a reliable system for adjusting to any spare on the lane, using a plastic bowling ball, and practicing walking consistent lines while following through toward your target are important tips for successful spare shooting.

Challenge yourself to become a very good spare shooter and watch your scores advance.

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