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Beginner Bowler Stance Position

If you are a just now learning to bowl and to make sure you learn a proper set-up before beginning your approach, then developing a beginner bowler stance position can help you get started.

Let’s get right to it - here are ten useful and time-tested tips for getting set-up and ready to bowl:

1. Before stepping onto the approach, make sure you know precisely where you wish to position your feet.

2. Select a specific sighting target on the lane and keep your eyes focused on the spot while walking to the foul line and delivering your bowling ball.

3. Stand the same distance distance from the foul line each time you take your stance.

4. When first setting up on the approach, tilt your upper body forward, perhaps 10 or 15 degrees of tilt placing the front portion of your shoulders directly over the knee caps.

5. Check that your bowling shoulder is no more than an inch or so lower than your non-bowling shoulder.

6. Hold the bowling ball with the center of the ball positioned in front of your bowling shoulder and very close to your body.

7. Hold the ball about waist high, or as high as is comfortable, and with your bowling hand underneath the ball supporting the weight of the ball.

8. Flex your knees slightly during your set up and retain this amount of knee flex while walking to the foul line to deliver your bowling ball.

9. Your weight should be distributed fairly evenly on both bowling shoes but with a bit more weight on the foot not used in your first step of the approach.

10. Position your chin least shoulder level or higher and maintain the entire posture outlined in these tips throughout your approach, delivery, and finishing position at the foul line.

By setting up in an athletic posture, you will be properly positioned to begin your approach smoothly and with balance.

No checklist can teach someone new to the game how to bowl or to offer every technique known to coaches, but these tips, however, will help you take a good stance on the approach when preparing to bowl.

With proper positioning in your set-up on the approach, you have a very good chance of making a good shot. If you can make one good shot, then you can make another, and so on.

If you have any concerns or questions about your stance position, it is recommended to consult with a bowling coach to learn more important fundamentals of the game.