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Beginner Bowler Bowling Ball Weight

If you are a beginner bowler, or one who is just now considering getting your own custom fit ball, then you must be concerned to select the right beginner bowler bowling ball weight which will match best for your developing game.
Choosing the right ball weight is very important as a new bowler. Usually, new bowlers will tend to select a weight lighter than what they should be using once a new ball is properly fitted to your hand.
When you learn the fundamentals of a good approach from your bowling instructor, you will develop a good swing and delivery technique and will be able to handle slightly more ball weight than you presently use in a house ball.
As example, if you are using a 10 lb house ball when you bowl, you can use an 11 or a 12 lb. ball once you get a custom fit by the pro shop professional.
It is best to use the services of the pro shop and have either your instructor, your pro shop professional, or both watch you roll a few frames with the house ball before choosing the best weight ball to match with your game and with local lane conditions.
Any full service pro shop will provide the service of watching you bowl before choosing a new ball, particularly if you are learning the game and getting your first new bowling ball.
The pro shop professional will analyze your bowling hand, how you open and close your hand, which direction your fingers and thumb open and close, measure the distance between your gripping fingers and thumb as it will fit into the new ball after drilling as the procedure in obtaining a custom fit ball.
You will get the right span (distance between gripping fingers and thumb, the properly contoured holes shaped exactly to fit your finger sizes and shape, and the correct pitch angles drilled into the holes when your new ball is finished being drilled.

The ball will fit like a glove to your hand and so you can swing and release your ball without squeezing the ball or using unneeded muscle tension in your hand to deliver the ball.
Because of this, you will be able to use more weight than you think.
More weight will give you improved hitting power as your new ball contacts the pins. The pro shop professional will be careful in helping you select the right weight without choosing a ball which will be too heavy or too light.
Using a properly fitted bowling ball and using the best weight ball for your game will help you develop improving accuracy and lead to higher bowling scores.
Your pro shop is the first place to stop when choosing a new ball and when determining the right ball weight for your developing skills.
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