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Be Smooth When You Get Into Bowling Trouble

Everyone gets into trouble on the lanes and begins making poor deliveries. We all can get stuck in making bad shots and can’t recover as quickly as we would like.

If you find yourself getting into bowling trouble, chill out and bowl smoothly.

Don’t waste time and precious shots trying to force the action. Instead, think about making a smooth and slow start to your approach.

Slow the beginning of your approach using a smooth motion to get back into stride.

Use consistent pace of footsteps and arm swing.

Reduce or eliminate the tension in your shoulders and arms so you can swing your ball back and through with a matching tempo with your footsteps.

Hold your form at the foul line to maintain good balance.

Make certain you keep your eyes focused on your sighting target.

Make your alignment and delivery decisions before stepping onto the approach.

Make sensible adjustments based on your instincts and on your bowling ball reaction.

It is a proven fact that under pressure, bowlers resist adjustments more so than when things are going their way.

Don’t freeze or panic by doing nothing if you know an adjustment is needed. Trust your eyes and your bowling instincts.

Think, trust, and act. Be smooth when bowling under pressure or when you get into bowling trouble.