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Ball-Selection Tips For Entry-Level Bowlers

As an entry-level bowler, your bowling ball selection process will hinge on one or two factors: comfort and controllability.

Purchasing a bowling ball of your own will put you at an advantage because the pro shop professional should be able to get you set up properly in both regards. He or she will determine the proper ball weight, grip and ball type for you and your game, which will make your job much, much easier.

If you use a ball off the house rack, you're going to have to go it alone, and you're likely to have little to no control over what type of ball you get. As such, comfort should be your top priority. Choose a ball that fits your hand snugly while still allowing you to let go.

In regard to weight, use this little trick: stand with your feet together and swing the ball like you're going to throw it. Keep going up in weight until you find the heaviest ball that doesn't pull you off balance; that's the proper ball weight for you.

By Kim Terrell-Kearney
USBC Coaching Specialist