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Ball Reaction Video: Roto Grip Dark Star

Value and Performance have always been synonymous with the Roto Grip brand, and the all new Dark Star stands to continue that tradition. Our first goal was to develop a stronger Shield Line ball to fit into the Roto Grip line. The team felt that there was too big of a gap between the Nomads and the Planet series balls. The intent was to create more mid-lane read with stronger backend motion, so we developed the Photon Core with a lower RG value and a higher differential. To enhance this core motion we also added the Ultimate Vision pearl coverstock to this ball. This performance proven coverstock found on the Epic and Illusion series of balls. It boasts a higher coefficient of friction and surface texture for added traction in the oil and superior backend performance. This combination of core and coverstock was the ideal fit into the line. Our tests showed that it filled the gap between the Nomads and the Planet series balls perfectly.

The Roto Grip shield line has always been known for amazing performance for affordable prices, and this time they've stepped the performance up to the highest level yet! The Dark Star is currently selling for $79.99 and is rated at a 168.4!