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Average Raising Bowling Tips For Seniors

By:, 3/3/17

If you are averaging less than 150 and seeking a few average raising bowling tips for seniors, start with tuning your physical game first.

Make gradual changes to your steps or swing, as examples, so you give yourself a chance of improvement.

Consider using one or more of the the following tips in future practice sessions:

*Set yourself with good posture in stance position and maintain it throughout your approach.

*Swing loosely and swiftly while accelerating for forward swing to a full follow through directed at your target.

*Use consistent bowling ball gripping pressure with your bowling hand every swing.

*Keep your head still while walking, swinging, and releasing your bowling ball.

*Let your bowling hand follow your ball in the direction of your target.

*Hold your form at the foul line until your ball passes your target.

*Work on spare shooting and on developing a reliable spare alignment system you can trust.

*Use multiple bowling balls - use one for spares and one or two for strikes which help you hit the pocket based on your ball speed and your release technique.

*Once you are aligned to the pocket, use the same ball speed repeatedly.

*Relax and bowl.

Too often senior bowlers resist change by thinking that why bother because the game is supposed to be fun. All true but it is nice to know that improvement tips can be made quite easily and can contribute to quick results. Avoid making big changes to your game but rather select tips which seem easy enough to use and not go backwards in your scores before improving. Of course, if you want to get serious about improvement, find a good instructor and spend a session or two working on your game.


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