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Ask Bob (October 2014)

Author: Bob Korth

Q. I am having problems with my lane adjustments. When I think I need to move I try to make the move right away, but then I always seem to make terrible shots for three or four frames before settling down. Have you any idea as to why this happens?

A. You are doing the right thing by moving quickly this can save you from a bad game. Your problem is your mind is not convinced you are making the correct move. You have to have complete confidence that the move you make is the correct move. Then you have to make the shot with conviction. Next time you make a line change believe 100% that you are right. You will then make a good shot. If the result is not what you wanted at least you learned something and only wasted one shot. Then try again. It's just a matter of trusting yourself and your game.

Q. It is that time of the season again and the new balls have hit the market. Have you tried the new Roto Grip Balls?

A. Yes! I have and again they are great additions to your arsenal. Everyone will have their own favorite; mine so far is the Sinister.

The Sinister is a hybrid cover stock (part solid and part pearl). [Out of box] finish is 4000 sanded and can be polished if needed. It gets up to7 inches of flare. Being speed challenged I drilled mine with a high pin to get it down the lane. Our house shots here today have quite a bit of oil and the Sinister for me gets a good mid-lane read and a hard but smooth back end reaction. [It] has been my best bet to carry the corners. I did a polish and then a light 2000 finish.

The next addition is the Hysteria it is a solid reactive cover stock and comes 1500 polished has about 6 inches of flare. [The Hysteria] can be sanded. I have never seen a solid go through the heads so easy. I set this up with the pin beside the ring finger. I left the box finish and it reads the mid-lane well as well as saves energy for the back end. This ball for me has a very smooth arch to the pocket and hits extremely hard.

The Outcry is a hybrid cover stock it is built to go long; a perfect choice for those with a lot of hand or for drier conditions. I did a RICO set up on mine. I will use it at tournaments when the shots are tough. This ball comes with a 4000 sanded finish and has about a 4 to 5 inch flare. If you need it to go longer it can be polished.

Q. I have been trying to convince friends of mine to bowl with me. They seem to think that there is little health benefits in bowling. Can you give me some health reasons to take up the sport?

A. You can show them these facts about bowling. A 150 lb. Person burns about 200 to 250 calories in one hour of bowling. This can vary from person to person but helps with weight control if you don't indulge in beer and chili cheese fries. Strength training exercises use repetitive motion with weight, which are the main components of the sport. Walking, bending, twisting and throwing all with weight. You are doing squats, lifting and stretching all at the same time. Bowling helps balance, motor skills and coordination. Bowling is good for the mind it promotes focus and problem solving. Bowling builds social relationships and helps teach working together as a team. All of these benefits are like joining a health club except cheaper and more fun. Plus bowling today is in almost all cases done in a smoke free environment as most centers are now smoke free. Bowling can be done at almost any age from 3 to 103. I hope this helps in convincing your friends.

Article was posted with permission from Stars & Strikes, America's Bowling Newsmagazine.

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