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Ask Bob (November 2016)


by Bob Korth

Q. I store some of my bowling balls in my garage. Lately I have gone to get one and it has a crack all the way around the ball. What do you think is going on?

A. This is my annual question, every year at this time this comes up. Bowling balls do not like big changes in temperature. This time of the year we see pretty big temperature changes all over the country. We are going into winter and cold weather is no better for our equipment than too much heat. Best thing to do know is keep them indoors. In a more controlled heat environment. So I know it's a pain but if you would not like to be stuck outside in the weather, neither does your bowling equipment. And just
think how much happier you will be when you put on your bowling shoes next outing. Your feet won't be frostbitten.

Q. I have been seeing a change in our great game that bothers me, I bowl with
3 others in a 4 man league. I have been bowling for many years. This is a decent scratch league and my teammates are driving me crazy. They are always on their phone on the internet. Sometimes I have to go run them down to take their turn. This is a new distraction that is unprecedented as far as I can remember. Is there a way that you might know of to get these young en’s to be more focused?

A. This is a new problem created by the technology of our times. I have run into the same problem at times. I just mention to them that there are others in our league that are here to bowl and not play on the net. Let them know they are causing slow play by not being ready when it is their turn. Also point out how much better their own game might become if they were concentrating on their game instead of the worldwide net. Give them a reminder that the net will still be there after our 2 and ½ hours of bowling and they can catch up then. This has become a bigger problem over the past 3 or 4 years with the wide use of social media. Many people I bowl with have expressed versions of your question to me. But I have not seen anything written about it. So thank you for your question. This needs to be brought up more in league meetings to keep it from becoming a bigger problem.

Q, I have been working many more hours than I would like. This is causing me to have less time for practice. Is there anything I can do to help stay competitive with minimal practice?

A. I know from your question that you know practice is important. There is no real substitute. That being said visualization is a great
tool. If your game is not too complex, I mean not too many extra physical moves. Then visualization might keep you somewhat competitive. Take some time, say at night before you go to sleep to visualize your approach, the path of the ball over your mark to the pocket and the resulting strike. It is not as good as practice but can't hurt.
I read a story once of a famous Russian piano player who was put in prison for several years. After his release he was asked to perform a concert. His performance was almost flawless.
After the concert he was asked how he was able to do this with his many years of no practice. He said he practiced in his mind everyday by visualizing the keyboard in his mind.
Visualization is a powerful tool.

Article was posted with permission from Stars & Strikes, America's Bowling Newsmagazine.

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