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Ask Bob (January 2015)

Ask Bob (January 2015)

By Bob Koth

Q: After Christmas I want to buy a new ball with my gift cards I receive. I know you are a Roto Grip Staffer. Does Roto Grip have anything new coming out?

A: We at Roto Grip are excited about the new additions which will hit the market on January 6th 2015. The Roto Grip Hyper Cell Skid is a great addition to the line for all of us who love the Hyper Cell but need a powerful ball that will go down the lane further and save energy for the backs. The Hyper Cell Skid is the pearl version of the original Hype Cell it comes with a 1500 grit polished surface. This ball will get through the heads clean and have your opponents screaming for mercy. If you are after a ball that will go even longer you will want the Roto Grip Unhinged this ball is also a pearl with 1500 grit polish but has a late roll core. It will get down the lane even further than The Skid. This ball will be great for dryer lanes and slower speed players. Roto Grip is also going to release a new spare ball. This ball is called the Own It and is cherry red. Throw this ball and everyone will know you are throwing the best bowling balls on the market today.

Q: I see the better bowlers in my area using finger inserts and thumb inserts. I don't use any inserts what is the reason for using inserts?

A: Using inserts is a matter of choice; some believe that finger inserts help to create more revs on the ball which can help to knock down more pins. It is true that finger inserts because of more friction can get you a little more turn on the ball but this comes with a price. Finger inserts put more strain on the tendons in the fingers and hand. This is why I don’t recommend finger inserts for youth bowlers. I personally don t use finger inserts; I tried them once and suffered a tendon strain that took a year to heal. I do know that most people can use them without any problem so if you want experiment with them on a ball or two you might like them. Thumb inserts are different than finger inserts. They are hard and smooth and help to get a more consistent feel of the ball. Reactive urethane has a tendency to be sticky and you don t want sticky when it comes to the thumb hole. There is also thumb inserts you can get that can be moved from ball to ball. These are my favorites. Most of these inserts have several pieces to them. There is an insert that goes into the ball. Then there is a slug that is drilled to fit your thumb and screws into a piece in the ball. The great thing about this type of thumb insert is after you work out and modify the thumb piece to perfectly fit. You just unscrew it and move it to any other ball in your arsenal. You have the same feel with every ball and don’t have to fight the subtle changes in the fit of different thumb holes. They do cost more because you need the same base in each ball you own. But you only need two thumb slugs: one your regular size and one half-size bigger to allow for swelling during longer tournaments or hotter weather.

Q: Lately I have been getting a lot of over under no matter where I bowl. I asked a one of the better bowlers in my league to watch me and he said I am turning the ball early. I have tried to stop but keep doing it. Is there a trick you might know of that could help me?

A: I got a great trick for the solution of overturning the ball from the great coach John Jowdy. I was I was going through the same thing and he said aim with your ring finger. When going to the line aim at the spot you want to hit with your ring finger. This simple trick will instantly keep your hand behind the ball longer.

Article was posted with permission from Stars & Strikes, America's Bowling Newsmagazine.