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Are You Pleased With Your Bowling Game?

Are you pleased with your bowling game? If you feel your game is going in the right direction and your score results are trending in a positive way, then don’t change a thing.

Sometimes we try to improve on good performances and achieve less than your best results. The old adage “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” certainly rings true when your game is going well.

If, however, you are frozen in mediocre performances, then perhaps it is time to tweak your game’s finer points and work yourself back to where you belong.

It may simply take a familiar practice technique to help organize your game and can get you back on the path to improvement.

It is surprising how many bowlers, really good bowlers, rely solely on waiting for things to turn around instead of having a practice plan with far less randomness.

Here are a few short tips to get your game sharp:

1. Make a decision which part of your game needs priority attention.

2. Work on the strongest element of the specific part of your game you wish to address.

3. Spend a dedicated but focused amount of time on the technique you wish to improve until you have developed a good feel with that element of your game.

4. Work to strengthen the given technique you are focusing on before moving on to another technique.

5. Avoid working on too many things at one time.

6. Adhere to your practice plan.

If your game is in need of a “tweak” to get you back on the right track, then avoid trying to rebuild your whole game just to get back the good feel you seek and the results you are looking for.

Keep things as simple as possible.

Practice using techniques you can easily replicate during competition.

There is no sense in trying to introduce an entire new element to your physical game if you know you merely need to work on strong points of your game which have served you well in the past.

Avoid distractions when practicing so you can shorten the time it takes to get you going in the right direction again. An organized practice routine will maximize the benefits of your practice time and lead you to sharpening your skills.