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Are My Bowling Aim And Alignment Two Different Things?

If you are striving to raise your average above your current 175 level and are asking are my bowling aim and alignment two different things, then the answer is “yes!?”

The most important factor in hitting the pocket is using an effective bowling ball delivery path and a targeting point on the lane along the delivery path.

Most bowlers will select one spot on the lane as a sighting target but lose awareness that the spot is merely an intermediate sight point along the path your ball travels down the lane.

Your delivery path is developed most commonly by using either a two or a three point system where the 1st point is a release point as the ball comes off your hand, the 2nd point is an intermediate sight point (referred to as your “spot” or “mark” on the lane somewhere near the bowling arrows), and the 3rd point is the actual breakpoint down the lane.

An aim point, therefore, is a sighting target on the lane along the ball travel path.

This target is the point where you can easily watch your bowling ball pass over, or nearly pass over, as it travels down the lane.

Using an aim point is the most commonly used sighting strategy and singularly effective way to monitor your ball path and the ball reaction you seek based on the oil conditions of the lanes.

An alignment system entails use of multiple points on the lane which more accurately describe the path your ball will take down the lane.

This three point system of alignment also helps you determine which board the instep of your sliding bowling shoe must cover at the foul line so your bowling ball can be released very near your sliding ankle and onto the lane surface contacting the 1st alignment point of the 3 point system.

Next, your eyes must remain sharply focused on your sighting target on the lane (usually at the arrows) as you watch your ball travel down the lane into the mid-lane.

Once your ball transitions (hooks) twice in the mid-lane, it will reach the beginning portion of the back-end of the lane as it approaches the breakpoint.

The breakpoint is the 3rd point in this three point alignment system.

Any experienced bowling instructor can help you develop a customized alignment system and aim point strategy to fit your game.

If you have any doubts about how to align yourself to the pocket, to spares, or when making lane adjustments as conditions change during competition, then use the services of a good coach and build your own game plan.

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