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Approach Stability Leads To Bowling Pocket Hits

Updated 11/9/2020

If you are a median range bowler averaging 150 or greater and are looking for tips to increase your ability to hit the pocket, achieving approach stability is one very important key.

We are always inundated with advice to have good balance and good posture when walking to the foul line to deliver the ball. To be sure, this is very good advice.

The one undeniable fact is when you deliver your bowling ball and have a stable platform from which make your shot, your chances at being accurate improve.

Any time you fall off of your shot at the critical moment of releasing your bowling ball, your chances of making an errant delivery increase.

To best prepare your approach to provide the stability you need to deliver your ball accurately with speed and loft control, you must be in a well balanced posture with your head steady and your eyes focused sharply on your target.

If you maintain good upper body posture from the beginning of your approach, by assuming an athletic posture before beginning your walk to the foul line, you give yourself a good chance at maintaining balance throughout your approach. Additionally, reducing any wasted motion during your approach, such as unnecessary head movement, will enable you to deliver your bowling ball accurately and hold your form until the ball reaches your target.

During your approach, focus on keeping your head as motionless as possible. Little or no head movement is another key to approach balance and stability.

Once you have learned to align yourself to the pocket and know how to make sensible adjustments as the lanes change, hitting the pocket becomes a matter of making a good shot. To make a good shot, you must be in a balanced and stable position while you are in the act of releasing your bowling ball.

If your posture is good and you are well balanced, your swing stays close to your body, you reduce the chances of rotating the ball too early, and your chances of hitting the pocket increase correspondingly.

With improved approach stability, your chances at success on the lanes also improve.

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