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Approach Position For Intermediate Bowlers

By now, you probably have a favorite place to stand on the approach, a release that can make the ball hook and a favorite spot to target on the lane, but you sometimes struggle because the ball hooks differently each time you bowl. Why does that happen?

Your problem might be that you are relying too heavily on your comfort zones. For instance, many bowlers choose to stand on the big dot in the middle of the approach and target the second arrow ... all the time! To be successful, you need to be willing to move away from your comfort zone if that's what the conditions call for. Be brave; it's advantageous to boldly go left or right where nobody else has. Often, this will allow you to find more oil, which can promote a more consistent reaction.

There's nothing wrong with having preferences when it comes to your starting place on the approach or target down the lane, but you can't stay locked into them at all costs. Be willing to jump around when the pattern calls for it. Remember, moving three or four boards will sometimes make a 30-40 pin difference to your score!

Bob Learn Jr.
USBC Coaching Specialist