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Allen Takes Down “The King” In Japan, While Rhino Is Perfect

TOYKO - It took over 5,000 miles of Pacific Ocean for someone to take down Lumber Liquidators Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tour Player of the Year Wes Malott.

Tour star Patrick Allen found a reaction in the championship game that he hadn't seen all day which lead him to a 247-214 win over Malott in the finals of the DYDO Japan Cup 2009 in Tokyo Metro Gymnasium. The win marks Allen's 13th career PBA Tour title.

Malott and Allen, who qualified No. 1 and No. 2 respectively, opened the match mirroring each other in the first three frames but a solid 10-pin in the fourth by Malott gave Allen a 10-pin lead. Both players traded shots but it came down to Allen needing count in the 10th to pick up the win and the $50,000 first-place prize.

"I didn't bowl well in the first two matches but I found a way to stay alive," said Allen, whose win marked the 20th consecutive season an American player has won the Japan Cup. "I was just trying to tell myself I can do this. I stepped up there and made good shots in the last game when I needed it. It's great to bowl an event like this and an honor to win the Japan Cup."

Joining Allen in the spotlight on Sunday was Tour star Rhino Page of Topeka, Kan., who threw the first perfect game in Japan Cup TV finals history, defeating Jeong Tae-Hwa, Korea, 300-235, in the Round of 8. Page earned $100,000 for the perfect game. So if we break that down, he was paid $8,333.33 for each strike and $833.33 for each pin that fell. We can now say being perfect has it's advantages.

After his win in the Round of 8, Page lost his look in his semifinal match against Malott, losing 236-216. Malott started with the front seven but a missed single-pin conversation in the eighth frame opened up the match; however Page's struggle to strike was the difference.

Allen, Wesley Chapel, Fla., advanced to the championship match by outlasting Korea's Byun Yong-Hwan, 203-159 in the second semifinal. Neither bowler could take control of the match early as Yong-Hwan opened in four of the first six frames while Allen started with four consecutive spares and an open in the sixth. There were a combined total of four 7-10 splits between the two players and Allen managed to put together the only string of strikes, finishing with a four-bagger.

Earlier in the day, Malott advanced to the semifinals by defeating Ryota Ichihara, Japan, 215-183, in the Round of 8. The Pflugerville, Texas, native trailed through five frames when Ichihara opened the door by leaving a pocket 8-10 split and only converting the 8-pin. Malott finished the game by striking on four of his last six shots to advance to the semifinals.

In the third Round of 8 match of the day, Yong-Hwan, Korea, defeated Yoshiki Ohsawa, Japan, 257-247.

A 4-6-7-10 split in the first frame by Shigenori Sakata, Japan, set the tone for the fourth Round of 8 match. Sakata struggled to find his way, falling to Allen, 208-174.

Dydo Japan Cup 2009
Shinagawa Prince Bowling Center
Tokyo, Japan

(Winner earns $50,000. Loser earns $26,000.)

No. 2 Patrick Allen, Wesley Chapel, Fla. defeats No. 1 Wes Malott, Pflugerville, Texas, 247-214

(Losers earn $13,000.)

Malott defeats No. 13 Rhino Page, Topeka, Kan., 236-216
Allen defeats No. 27 Byun Yong-Hwan, 203-159

Round of 8
(Losers earn $6,500.)

Malott defeated No. 40 Ryota Ichihara, Japan, 215-183
Page defeated No. 12 Jeong Tae-Hwa, Korea, 300-235
Yong-Hwan defeated No. 30 Yoshiki Ohsawa, Japan, 257-247
Allen defeated No. 23 Shigenori Sakata, Japan, defeated 208-174
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