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Evidently, You Shouldn't Invite Stu Upson and Gary Beck to the Same Party These Days

Reprinted with permission from the February 25, 2010 BJI Cyber Report: Reprinted and quoted exactly as it appeared.

Evidently, you shouldn't invite Stu Upson and Gary Beck to the same party these days. Upson, Executive Director of the USBC, and Beck, head of the Teen Masters, have disagreed very publicly about issues associated with the SMART scholarship program that have created some buzz in the industry. Upson even went into detail about Beck failing to pay a significant portion of the monies he owes SMART from his 2009 event. For his part, Beck claims he withheld payment when he learned last September that the $295,000 he already had on deposit with SMART had not earned any interest during the past year, one in which the Dow actually jumped in value after a poor 2008. One thing on which both sides agree is that Beck’s 2010 Teen Masters is not currently certified. USBC also says that if the contributions are not made by Beck, USBC cannot provide “outstanding” scholarships to his tournament participants.

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