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A 2009 Thank You From Our CEO And Founder Keith Spear of

To all my fellow bowlers in the bowling community, thank you sincerely for making the number one bowling e-tailer on the planet. We listened to you, added the features you wanted and structured our pricing to be the best possible value.

Without you, our customer, we realize that we are nothing more than another website trying to sell stuff. But our websites first goal is not to sell stuff, it has always been about content and community, the commerce will come. Our customers are the best, they share valuable information with one another, tweet out the latest trends to fellow bowlers and keep the information and content on up to date, relevant and accurate. Over the years our customers have caused brands to go from obscurity to the top by having the information go viral throughout our community.

I believe that has done so well because every employee at shares the same passion for our sport as our customers. What you see and what you experience when using has been designed, programmed and laid out by bowlers for bowlers. We do everything in house, everything. We take pride that we are bowlers first and that what we are creating is for bowlers.

As the owner of I never want to become so busy or feel so important that I don't have time to listen to our customers or to handle any issues they may have while visiting our site. As always, I welcome emails or phones calls from any customer any time for any reason they deem important to them. My personal email is [email protected] and my personal phone is 386-366-9111. I and my team look forward to serving you.

Thank you for a great 2009. We wish the very best to all for 2010.