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A Steady Head For Bowling Balance

If you are a 150 average bowler or less, then developing good balance during your approach can lead you to improved scores. A simple technique such as maintaining a steady head while walking to the foul line and delivering your bowling ball, is a very important key leading to good shot-making.

Focus on keeping your head as motionless as possible while releasing the bowling ball. Little or no head movement will help produce good balance during your approach.

Once you establish a stable set-up position on the approach before beginning your first step, check to make certain the bottom portion of your chin is at shoulder level (or slightly higher) and your head is not tilted to either side.

Visualize walking to the foul line balancing a full glass of water on top of your head without spilling a drop of liquid. In order to accomplish this visualization technique successfully, your head must remain virtually motionless while you take your approach and deliver your bowling ball.

Ideally, your head will not tilt and your chin will not drop toward your chest during your approach. Strive to keep your head at a constant elevation from the floor during your approach.

If your head remains at a level and steady position throughout your approach, you will be well balanced while releasing your bowling ball toward your sighting target.

The human head can weigh as much as between 8 and 12 pounds. You can easily understand that your head will influence your balance when walking to the foul line if any sudden or dramatic shift in your head position occurs.

Keeping a steady head while bowling also helps you keep a sharp eye on your sighting target on the lane.

Good balance at the foul line is all set up well before you begin your sliding step.

If you maintain good upper body posture from the beginning of your approach and reduce any wasted motion during your approach, such as unnecessary head movement, you will be able to deliver your bowling ball accurately and hold your form until the ball reaches your target.

Keep things simple. A steady head goes a long way to improving your shot-making ability and achieving the bowling scores to which you aspire.