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A Smooth Bowling Slide

Developing a smooth bowling slide begins with making good steps leading into the final slide step. Maintaining good body balance during your approach is critical to a smooth bowling slide into the foul line, particularly for new bowlers or those of you working at improving your game.

Here are a few tips provided courtesy of to help you improve your bowling slide:

1. Make sure your steps are not too fast and out of control.

2. Set-up on the approach in an athletic posture and retain that posture as you walk to the foul line.

3. Maintain knee flex throughout your approach and through the slide step. Your flexed slide knee cap should be on a vertical plane with the toe of your bowling slide shoe.

4. Slide toward the center of your body to stabilize your upper body while releasing the bowling ball.

5. Position your upper body so your head and your shoulders do not extend in front of the vertical line from your slide knee and your sliding shoe toe.

6. As you complete your next to last step, your body weight should be completely transferred onto your sliding step leg. When your knees are flexed properly during your bowling approach as suggested in Tip #3, the big muscles of your leg in your thigh area work to help support the full weight of your body while you slide into the foul line.

7. Do not hurry the final two steps of your approach.

Developing good footwork and sliding technique will help you as a new bowler to improve your game. recommends you seek professional coaching when working on developing your game. Thank you for visiting.