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A Prolific Las Vegas Bowling Center continues presenting Editorial articles with this spotlight feature on a prolific Las Vegas bowling center, the South Point Hotel, Casino, and Bowling Center.

The South Point Bowling Center hosts many important events each year including the 2013 USBC Senior Masters Tournament. After requesting a few minutes of time from the bowling center manager, Mike Monyak graciously granted an interview. I learned a great deal about this progressive bowling center, its hectic schedule in promoting many key events throughout the year, and its plans for the future.

Mike informed me that the South Point hosts the annual World Series of Bowling now for the 4th consecutive year. Within the infrastructure of the World Series of Bowling are eight total events.

In addition to hosting the USBC Senior Masters Tournament this year and the World Series of Bowling, the South Point also hosts two PBA Regional Tournaments, the ATBA Tournament twice each year, the Hawaiian Tournament, and the Southeast District Elks Tournament. Rounding out a complete slate of events which bring literally thousands of bowlers to the property each year.

During this year’s Senior Masters Tournament, Mike indicated that it takes a bit more preparation in properly hosting this tournament more so than other events. Things like readying the paddock area to accommodate the large field of players while securing and storing their bowling equipment over the duration of the event.

Mike and his staff prepared scoring updates on large sized computer monitors on the concourse for the convenience of the spectators and updated the scores each game as the tournament progressed, no simple task in and of itself.

The exciting news came when Mike shared the plans for the construction of an additional 60 lane bowling center on the property above the Equestrian Center where the South Point hosts the National Finals Rodeo.

The new 60 lane center will be a tournament center only and will accommodate multiple events.

Because of the additional lanes, Mike has secured agreements from the USBC to host the 2016 Ladies Open Championship and the USBC Open Championship in 2017.

The new center is scheduled to open in July of 2015 and will host the October, 2015 World Series of Bowling among the official events.

Due to the vast management experience Mike Monyak possesses and his foresight to promote the addition of more lanes on the property, the South Point will be second to none in hosting significant professional and amateur events including the World Series, the USBC Senior Masters Tournament of Bowling and the USBC Open Championships.

The South Point bowling operation in Las Vegas is certainly becoming the most prolific of all bowling operations in the country. At a time in history when bowling needs a boost, the South Point has extended its helping hand in promoting our great sport. Well done, South Point!

Thank you.

Rich Carrubba