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Your Bowling Swing And Target Paths

By:, 3/10/16

Your bowling swing and target paths are closely connected and are crucial in attaining a reliable bowling ball reaction.

As a highly skilled player, when you need a strike in a key pressure situation, you are aware of committing fully to your bowling target. Your bowling ball swing path must also be aligned to your sight target.

You must completely trust your swing which you have worked hard at developing to stay on its correct swing path to match with your sight target path.

Releasing your bowling ball over your sighting target and keeping your forward swing on the inside-to-outside path aligned to your target are simply key parts of the process in gaining the right ball reaction at the right time in the mid-lane and at the breakpoint.

Other factors which ideally need to be accomplished in addition to hitting your spot with the proper ball swing path to get a reliable and consistent ball reaction are using a consistent ball speed, using a consistent release, using an appropriate coverstock surface texture to control your ball skid distance, selecting an appropriate ball symmetry, controlling your ball loft distance, and choosing a drilling layout best matching with the oil pattern.

These are keys to accompany releasing your ball properly over your sighting target with the right swing path alignment to that target in order to give you the best chance at hitting the pocket repeatedly.

In competition, the pressures of trying to perform to a winning level sometimes cause us to force our swing and release causing our forward swing path to mis-align with our chosen sight target on the lane.

Because of this, we sacrifice hitting the pocket with consistency.

Forcing your shot over your spot on the lane is not enough to gain a consistent ball reaction. You must also trust your the freedom in your swing and its direction on the forward cycle.

Your goal as a top tier player is to hit the pocket under pressure and strike.

Since you will likely face competitions (such as tournaments) using very challenging oil patterns, the concept of a “good shot” suddenly becomes complicated because it involves these multiple factors to control skid distance, direction through your target area, and getting the right ball reaction at the breakpoint to the pocket.

When facing stiff competition and when bowling “under the gun”, focus on trusting your swing by not forcing the forward cycle and forcing your release.

Control your ball speed and maintain complete commitment to hitting your target.

Pressure bowling situations require keeping it simple but being aware of the factors involved in making a good shot and in gaining a reliable ball reaction.

Lock in on one or more of these simple factors which you know can help you improve the frequency in making good shots.

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