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How Can I Make My Bowling Shoes Slide Less?

By:, Originally Posted: 3/31/16; Updated: 4/3/2022

If you ask how can I make my bowling shoes slide less, there are a few things you can consider doing.

As a wild guess here, are you still using house rental bowling shoes? If so, you will slide too much because the soles on both shoes are universal sliding soles designed to accommodate both left and right handed bowlers.

Using a universal sliding shoe on your non-sliding foot can sometimes provide a lack of sufficient traction and you may lose footing as you enter your final slide step.

If you purchase a regular pair of bowling shoes for either right handed or left handed players, you will get a traction sole and heel on your non-sliding shoe for stability and controlled slides.

Many of the bowling centers you enter today have synthetic approaches and lanes. Synthetic approaches can either be very sticky or slippery depending on maintenance, humidity levels and temperature.

The edges of the approaches are generally slippery due to lack of use compared to the approach center area at the foul line where bowlers slide most often.

A good pair of bowling shoes can reduce your sliding length and help you get more consistency each time you deliver your bowling ball.

If you already own a good pair of bowling shoes and are sliding too much, try using a shoe brush to brush the sole of your sliding shoe between frames.

Roughing up the sliding sole with a nylon or wire bowling shoe brush found in most pro shops everywhere can help you reduce your amount of slide.

Advanced and highly skilled bowlers often own a pair of custom bowling shoes with interchangeable sliding soles and traction heels.

These shoes are designed for use on approaches with varying friction factors. If you find yourself sliding too much, you can easily remove one sole and replace it on the bottom of your shoe with a sole providing more traction.

The opposite is possible if you encounter approach surfaces which are sticky and prevent smooth slides. A smooth sliding sole will help increase your sliding capability.

Some bowling instructors might recommend to make sure your steps are positioned properly under your body mass center, especially your final two steps. By doing so, you will create a stable and balanced posture so your sliding motion is consistent.

If you are concerned about sliding too much and losing balance, then check with a local pro shop or check out new bowling shoes with the style, color, and level of comfort you prefer here at


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