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As A Beginner Bowler, How Do I Follow Through Properly?

If you are a new bowler, then knowing how to follow through with your armswing is an important part of learning the game.

One simple and easy tip when releasing your bowling ball is to follow through toward your sighting target on the lane.

Your bowling ball gripping fingers should follow through in the direction of your target. Aligning properly with your spot on the lane makes it very easy to follow through in that direction.

The selected spot on the lane should be in front of your bowling shoulder when you are taking your stance position on the approach.

If you walk a straight path to the foul line with each step moving straight forward of the previous step and not side-to-side, you will arrive at the foul line with your spot on the lane still in front of your bowling shoulder.

Try and maintain a right angle (90 degree angle) with your bowling arm when releasing the ball and following through toward your mark on the lane. When you follow through in this manner, your bowling hand finishes in front of your bowling shoulder and in the direction of your spot on the lane.

If your spot on the lane is properly aligned with your ball path and with the pocket, you will find it easy to deliver your ball with a good chance of getting a strike.

Your follow through should finish with the elbow of your bowling arm reaching your bowling shoulder height at the minimum.

Typically, the sighting target is located at or near the bowling arrows.

Accuracy comes with good footwork and with a good swing direction. Good swings are developed with a consistent swing tempo and maintain a directional swinging orientation to the sighting target with your hand following the ball in the direction of your sighting target on the lane.

Swing your bowling hand in an upward follow-through motion in front of your bowling shoulder toward your spot.

Do the same technique for both strike and spare shots.

Your follow through motion is a continuation and completion of your armswing cycle. If you follow through properly each shot, you stand a good chance of maintaining consistent ball speed and bowling ball direction to the pocket.

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