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900 Global March 2018 Releases 3/15/2018

A whole new month is here and basically, that means two things. One is that the first quarter of 2018 is coming to a close, and two, new bowling ball releases to make first quarter quotas. I love that! I love new bowling ball releases because I get to write about them on the #1 platform in the bowling industry,

900 Global recently had two new releases hit pro shop shelves and available on our website here, the Truth Tour and Badger. Now I’ve seen these go down the lane prior to their street release and I must fully admit that they are impressive! Today I don’t just want to tell you how great these products are... I want to give in-depth and inside bowling knowledge to these two new gems 900 Global produced.

Starting with the Truth Tour, this is the third Truth ball and newest to the Prime 800 Series from 900 Global. With the Adaptor C/LD Symmetric weight block wrapped in the S78R Solid coverstock, this ball is going to be great for those medium-heavy oil patterns. Finished at ICE “E” 3000 Grit, this ball is going to be clean through the fronts with a strong, yet predictable backend motion. Very smooth and very controllable. For the one-handed bowler, this ball will be great on patterns with volume to start right before having to move inside and chase the oil. For two-handed bowlers, this ball will be a perfect benchmark ball to set the tone for your league or tournament session. This time, the Truth certainly doesn’t hurt.

The Badger in the Tour Preferred 700 Series, is the follow up of the very successful Honey Badger released last summer. This time with the Lacerate Symmetric core wrapped in the S71 Hybrid coverstock, the Badger will give you all the backend you need. Finished at 1500 Grit Polished, the new 900 Global Badger gives great length through the heads and an incredible sideways motion on the backend. The Honey Badger didn’t play by the rules, so why should the Badger? I do know one thing for a fact, if you don’t have a 900 Global Badger in your arsenal, you’re surely missing out.

I have always been a fan of 900 Global product, and 900 Global fans alike are excited with these two new releases. These are now available at your local pro shop, and also right here at’s where bowlers go.

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