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900 Global Bowl Expo Releases 8/1/2018

After a brief hiatus from writing, I have returned to my favorite platform to continue writing for the #1 greatest online retailer in bowling, With Bowl Expo happening in June, lots of releases from all across the industry happened, and 900 Global made a major impact-5 new products!! Let’s talk about 3 first and foremost...

The 900 series line features the all new Continuum. Featuring brand new core and coverstock technology, the Continuum is going to create plenty of entry angle with late mid-lane roll. With the new Ellipticon Asymmetric core wrapped in the S82RX Hybrid coverstock, the Continuum brings never before seen reaction to the 900 Global line for heavy oil conditions. Additives have been removed from the cover, meaning much cleaner reaction through the heads, late mid-lane read and a very angular backend. This ball is finished at 2000 Grit Abralon and is the strongest ball ever featured in the 900 Global product line.

In 900 Global’s Prime 800 series line, the new Eon features all the core and cover technology as well. Something tells me 900 Global has been improving their product and creating ideas their fans are going to be very eager on. The Eon brings the all new Oloid Symmetric weight block wrapped in the S82RX Pearl coverstock. This ball will allow the bowler to have a ball clean through the fronts and provide a quick response to friction. Can somebody say skid/flip? Finished at 1500 Grit Polished, this ball is perfect for medium-heavy oil lane conditions, and is a step down from their new Continuum in their 900 Tour Preferred product line.

The Ops series returns once again in 900 Global’s Preferred 600 product line with the all new Tactical Ops. Featuring the iconic Break Asymmetric core and wrapped in the S72 Pearl coverstock, the Tactical Ops is ideal for medium to heavy oil lane conditions. The Tactical Ops will provide the most length in this product line, and create a deadly skid/flip reaction. It also for sure will stand out on the lanes with a purple/gray/orange color scheme.

900 Global fans are going to be like the one character in Futurama, “Be quiet and take my money.” These new products are very exciting and 900 Global for sure made an impact at Bowl Expo. All these are now available and shipping now right here at It’s where bowlers go.