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900 Global 2018 Function 400 Line 8/3/2018

Fans have asked for weaker bowling balls below the Boost products, and 900 Global has answered their requests. Introducing the Function 400 series, 900 Global’s entry product line. I personally love this, because these are products I can throw when the lanes get fried and dry. Bringing you the After Dark Pearl, ideal for drier conditions and beginner bowlers looking for that first reactive resin ball, the brand new Nightfall Symmetric core provides maximum control on drier lane patterns, and the S30 Pearl coverstock will bring you the length desired to match the control from the Nightfall Symmetric weight block.

900 Global also brings you the After Dark Solid. Featuring the same Nightfall Symmetric featured in the After Dark Pearl, but with the S30 Solid coverstock, it will start up quicker than the pearl, and will be smoother overall down-lane. My personal preference out of the two for myself would be the After Dark Solid because I would need something to be smoother overall and not worry about jumping sideways or hooking too quickly on me. Finished at 1500 Grit Polished, the After Dark Solid will be controllable on drier patterns and provides maximum control for the accomplished bowler.

I would still recommend both for the beginner bowler, and I would suggest having both in an arsenal for those who are looking for a one-two punch on drier lane conditions. Both also are now available for purchase and shipping now right here at It’s where bowlers go.