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$50,000 Reward for shooting a 300 with the 900 Global Bounty Hunter!

Zero in on your reward... 900 Global has doubled the ante!

For anyone that shoots a USBC sanctioned 300 with the new Bounty Hunter will receive their share of the $50,000 Bounty!

When you shoot your 300 with the Bounty Hunter you, and the pro shop that drilled it for you, will receive your equal share of the Bounty! What's the catch? NONE!

And honestly, shooting a 300 with this ball won't take much, because this ball is a killer!

900 Global has doubled the ante up front, and gone all in on the backend! A stronger S79 Coverstock coupled with a higher RG Double Cross core will give all hunters unmatched performance!

Take what is rightfully yours! But you can't do it without a Bounty Hunter, so go get it!