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2019 PBA Tour Trucks Get New Familiar Branding

By 1/7/2019

A new season of PBA bowling is here and we couldn’t be more excited to see what is to come. We can expect more victories, possibly a few upsets, and of course, we can expect strike after strike.

2019 marks the change of live bowling as we know it. With FloBowling taking over last year (2018) for XtraFrame and now a new partnership with FOX Sports, bowling is sure to get the TV and internet exposure it deserves.

As the PBA Tour travels across the country from city to city, event to event, the Pros need to rest assured knowing that their gear can be in tip-top shape and game ready. The PBA Tour trucks can ensure just that. These trucks tote everything from drill presses to new balls from almost every bowling ball manufacturer available.

This year is a very special year for We are proud to announce that we,, are the official sponsor of the 2019 PBA Tour trucks.


We hope that the new changes this year will only help grow and expand the sport we all know and love: bowling. If you catch the PBA Tour trucks in your city, be sure to send us a photo!

Photo Credit: FloBowling