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Operation: Honor Force Send an On Line Public Tribute Through BVL


The BVL campaign, “Operation Honor
Force,” publicly thanks a soldier, sailor or airman for their military service. Through this program, individual bowlers as
well as organized groups, including leagues, associations, bowling centers or businesses, can join together to honor a hometown hero, friend, or family
member.Participation in Operation
Honor Force is easy: Those who want to honor a member of an
active duty unit or veteran complete a submission form, which provides an opportunity to post information about their
honoree’s service as well as a photo. The form, along with a contribution to BVL can then be mailed to the BVL offices. The honor is posted on the BVL website, and an acknowledgement of the recognition is sent to the honoree or his or her family.

“We at BVL are committed to remembering and recognizing the sacrifices of those who have served,” explained BVL
Board Chair John LaSpina. “Our research shows that when questioned about their connection to BVL, contributors usually mention a
friend or loved one who once served in the military or who is currently on active duty.

“Operation Honor Force” gives
us an opportunity to let the world know how much each of us cares about our personal home town heroes.”
Contributions from this program will support the myriad of BVL programs and services for veterans around the country.
To send a tribute to a special active duty member or veteran you know, visit

Article was posted with permission from Stars & Strikes, America's Bowling Newsmagazine.