Storm Gravity Shift X-Blem Bowling Balls

Storm Gravity Shift X-Blem
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Storm Gravity Shift X-Blem

Storm Gravity Shift X-Blem

Gravity Shift X-Blem Specs

Product ID: 6546
Brand: Storm
Performance: Pro Performance(10)
RG: 2.550
Differential: 0.052
Mass Bias Diff: 0.020
Flare Potential: 6” Plus (High)
Durometer: 73-75
Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy
Finish: Polished
Coverstock: Particle
Coverstock Name: R2Xâ„¢ Pearl Reactive
Factory Finish: 1500-grit Polish
Fragrance: Chocolate Cherry
Core Name: SHAPE-LOCKâ„¢ HD
Quality: Second

This product (#6546) is not available.

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The long anticipated addition to the Shift Series has just arrived and promises to go beyond Premier Line standards! Completely reconstructed, the new Gravity Shift sports the reformulated R2X coverstock - an enhanced version of it's predecessor the R2S - which uses special blends of materials to provide outstanding durability and exceptional performance. At the heart of the Gravity Shift is the new Shape-Lock HD (High Density) core. Increasing the density value and lowering the core volume effectively produces superior mid-lane roll and handling. The Gravity Shift produces outstanding performance in the ever-changing modern lane conditions and promises consistent ball reaction.

By the time your opponents' realize the Gravity of their'll be too late!

X-Blems are seconds due to a cosmetic blemish similar to an X-Comp, but the specifications fall out of the 2-4" & 2-4 oz. range. There are a couple of areas that the ball would not meet some first quality manufacturing specifications (i.e. core chip or engraving error). X-Blems will have an X stamped by the serial number. The label on the box is stamped X-Blem and is marked with a small red number that denotes the specific issue.

NOTE: Due to the limited availability of Blems, X-Outs, and Seconds pin placement and top weight are not guaranteed.

The Perfect Scale®: Helping Bowlers Make Better Decisions. Because each manufacturer uses a different method for indicating a ball's hook potential, developed a way for the consumer to compare bowling balls across all manufacturers.
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