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This week, we are giving away a Mastermind Scholar.

Win a Brunswick Mastermind Scholar bowling ball
Brains and Brawn.
The Brunswick Mastermind Scholar.

The Mastermind Ultra Low RG core has been featured on every Mastermind ball to come out. Ready for a breakneck angular motion? This core will make it happen with its Low RG/High Diff/High Mass Bias rating.
Wrap this powerhouse with the all-new Honor Roll A+ Pearl Coverstock, and you have the potential for hitting the breakpoint and turning on a dime, creating that skid/flip we've all been craving. Throw in some Blue, Silver, and Gold Pearl coloring and you have the best-looking ball to take a corner like it owns the whole center.
Top of its class, first on your list. The Brunswick Mastermind Scholar.

The Brunswick Mastermind Scholar retails for $154.9500. By entering our weekly contest, you are entered in a drawing to win one for free.

Remember to return to our site every week to enter for that weeks drawing.