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Roto Grip Critical Theory
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Roto Grip Critical Theory

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Critical Theory Specs

Product ID: 9526
Brand: Roto Grip
Release Date: 08/09/2011
Performance: Pro Performance(10)
RG: 2.49
Differential: 0.058
Mass Bias Diff: 0.013
Flare Potential: 7+ Inches
Finish: Matte
Coverstock: Reactive Resin
Coverstock Name: Insight Pearl Reactive
Factory Finish: 4000 Grit Abralon
Core Type: Asymmetric
Core Name: Triliptic
Quality: First Quality
Mfg Part #: RCT
Roto Grip Product Line: HP4
Color(s): Red,White,Black

This product (#9526) is not available.

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Get to know your opponent's weaknesses with the Roto Grip Critical Theory bowling ball!

With the new Critical Theory, we are expanding the Theory series with its first pearl Insightâ„¢ coverstock. Designed to maximize dry lane traction, this shell will help increase your entry angle and sharpen your break point (CATS testing proved that the Critical Theory created the most entry angle in the entire product line), all in an effort to help you strike more! Its textured 4000-grit surface increases the Ra value, minimizes oil sensitivity,especially at the end of the oil pattern, and maximizes your bowling enjoyment. Wrap the new textured pearl Insight cover around the high-torque,asymmetrical Triliptic core and you have some horsepower. Drill your new Critical Theory with your favorite layout, throw it at the dry boards to the outside, and watch it charge back with authority. ROTO GRIP - It's all about the ATTITUDE.

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