Dyno-Thane Element Bowling Balls

Dyno-Thane Element
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Element Specs

Product ID: 1644
Brand: Dyno-Thane
RG: 2.540
Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy
Finish: Matte
Coverstock: Reactive Resin
Quality: First Quality
Color(s): Orange,Green

This product (#1644) is not available.

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The Elementâ„¢
What are you missing? It must be the ELEMENT!!
The Element is the new Dyno-thane's entry into the high-performance bowling ball market. The Element features the all new SOAKERTM coverstock. This unique coverstock, developed by Phil Cardinale, President of Dyno-thane, is designed for outstanding performance in normal league play. The SOAKERTM coverstock absorbs oil and dissipates it completely so each shot hooks as well as the last one and the ball will continue to hook, shot after shot. Easily cleaned with standard ball cleaners.

Recommended Conditions: Sanded, this ball will perform well on heavy to medium oiled lanes. Use during your first game in league or on fresh oil. For medium to drier lanes, a polished surface will get The Element further down the lane while retaining the energy for increased carry and scores.

This ball does not come the original box.

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