Brunswick Bionic Zone 2 - Exclusive Bowling Balls

Brunswick Bionic Zone 2 - Exclusive
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Bionic Zone 2 - Exclusive Specs

Product ID: 2841
Brand: Brunswick
RG: 2.510
Finish: Sanded
Coverstock: Particle
Quality: First Quality
Color(s): Red,Blue

This product (#2841) is not available.

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Latest Overseas Release. Released on 12/01/04
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The Bionic Zone 2 uses a medium RG asymmetrical core system combined with a PowerKoil22 based, solid color low load particle coverstock. This core/coverstock combination creates a large hook potential, even arcing reaction that matches up on medium to oily lane conditions and longer patterns. Bowlers with faster ball speeds or any bowler who has problems with the ball going too long before hooking should appreciate the ball reaction of the Bionic Zone 2.

Utility - Bionic Zone 2
Out of the Box: With its dull 600-grit wet sand surface the Bionic Zone 2 matches up well on medium to oily lane conditions.
When shined: Using Brunswick's Factory Finish High Gloss Polish, the total hooking action of the Bionic Zone 2 can be reduced and the arc made more skid/snap.

The Perfect Scale®: Helping Bowlers Make Better Decisions. Because each manufacturer uses a different method for indicating a ball's hook potential, developed a way for the consumer to compare bowling balls across all manufacturers.
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