Bowled Solutions Griips Glove Chrome Bowling Accessories

Bowled Solutions Griips Glove Chrome

Griips Glove Chrome Specs

Product ID: 8830
Brand: Bowled Solutions
Release Date: 08/17/2010
Material: Synthetic
Accessory Type: Finger / Thumb Inserts
Bowling Hand (Gloves): Universal
Adjustable Settings: Yes
Color(s): Silver

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Griips Glove Chrome


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The new Bowled Solutions Griips Glove is changing the game of bowling. For bowlers not satisfied with... "most of the time". Why trust your fingers to "chance"?

If you don't have maximum and consistent control of the ball throughout your approach, you're not bowling up to your full potential! Period! Either you're coming through the ball clean on every single shot or... you're not. There is no in-between!

The revolutionary Finger Tips design provides stability and comfort to fingers providing a consistent feel from ball to ball when matching up to changing lane conditions. Uniquely designed for maximum ball control, resulting in a higher rev rate and scoring potential. The Finger Tips completely protect fingers from swelling, burn marks, blisters and torn nails over thousands of shots.

Patented, advanced, V-shape Finger Straps design prevents perspiration build-up, allowing inserted fingers to "breathe".

The Griips has a removable glove strap that secures from either direction for maximum control and preference.

The Griips' surface palm pad positions your ball at optimum tilt for maximum ball control and the back of the glove is thin enough to fit comfortably under most "bionic arm" and wrist support devises.

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