3 Basic Pin Positions and What They Do

The pin or locater dot on a bowling ball indicates the top of the weight block. Positioning this at different distances from a bowler's positive axis point (PAP), will determine the length and backend reaction of a bowling ball

In the figure to the right, this pin position is commonly called Leverage. The pin is 3 3/8" from the bowler's PAP. This layout gives the ball equal amounts of length and backend reaction. In the equipment that we bowl with today, a leverage pin position gives the ball a medium amount of length with medium backend.

When to use: This layout works particularly well on a fresh conditioned house pattern. It also works well on less aggressive bowling balls to help them hook and roll a bit sooner.

The figure to the left shows the pin position further away from the PAP. A 4" to 5" pin position will give the ball a significant amount of length. It will also help the ball maintain more energy in the backend portion of the lane. In some bowling balls, this layout can actually give a bowler more "flip" in the backends.

When to use: This layout works best for drier lane conditions or when playing further inside, when a bowler is looking for the ball to recover.

The figure on the right shows a pin very close to the PAP. 1" to 2" pin positions will give the ball a very early rolling reaction and much less backend reaction.

When to use:This layout works best when the backend portion of the lane is uncontrollable or when the lane pattern is very short (35 feet or shorter). Since this layout makes the ball roll early, the ball will not have recovery like other pin positions. Typically, a bowler uses this ball until the lanes transition and smooth out.

Remember, not all bowlers roll the ball the same.
Some of these layouts may not suit your game.
Consult your Pro Shop Professional for layouts specific to your ball roll.

07/23/2012 6:46 pm: Written By TeeJay
I had a (Brunswick Power Grove) ball drilled without the pro seeing me bowl to find my PAP. The pin is about an inch from my middle finger hole at around 2 o'clock. It most closely resembles your 1st pic (Leverage). I've bowled with it for about a year and gotten used to it. Should I get it redrilled?

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