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Bowling Terms

Performance has made choosing the correct ball even easier with our Performance scale. Our scale ranges from low of (0) to a high of (10).
(0) Polyester/Plastic:
Perfect for spare shooting or for someone looking for their first bowling ball.
(2) Entry Performance:
For the beginning bowler looking to start hooking the ball or for more advanced bowlers looking for an option on drier lane conditions.
(4) Performance:
A step up in coverstock and core technology. This category will provide you with more hook and reaction.
(6) Advanced Performance:
The best bang for your buck. Many times these balls will feature the best technology from recent years in different combinations.
(8) High Performance:
This category will provide you with a wider variety of ball reactions for use on more challenging lane conditions.
(10) Pro Performance:
Designed for very advanced bowlers. These balls are the newest in bowling technology.