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Recommendations For Beginner Bowlers

If you are someone new to the game and you are committed to continue bowling, we have a few recommendations to share which are helpful in getting started properly in the game. The pro shop is a great way to get involved in bowling because it's an information center and makes products available for use on the lanes.

As a new player, we recommend purchasing your own bowling ball so you do not need to use a House Ball provided by the local bowling center. House Balls are not drilled for anyone specifically but rather only for the general public. As a result, the hole sizes and pitch angles of the holes are randomly drilled and may not come close to fitting you properly based upon the weight of House Ball you select.

Pro shop professionals specialize in measuring your bowling hand for your precise finger and thumb sizes and for the span of your fully extended hand as it arches on a bowling ball surface. Everyone has different sized fingers and thumbs so care will be taken by the pro shop specialist to determine precisely how your hand opens and closes and what amount of flexibility your digits possess.

Before drilling holes into your new bowling ball, the pro shop professional must identify the correct pitch angles for each hole. Not only is size a factor for drilling gripping holes, the pitch angles will vary for each gripping hole based on the structure of your hand. Finger and thumb pitch angles influence the way you release the bowling ball.

The location of the gripping holes drilled into the ball will affect the ball motion as it travels down the lane. The manufacturers recommend various drilling layouts to help control length and hook potential of your new bowling ball while it is in motion.

The shaping of the tops of gripping holes must be done with care and precision. Beveling or shaping the top of the gripping holes with just the right amount of contour to reduce the sharp edges of freshly drilled holes is important. Since your fingers and thumb are not perfectly round, the gripping holes must be oval or contoured to best match the shape of your gripping fingers.

It is easy to understand why owning your own custom fit bowling ball will be a distinct advantage to you as you progress in the game.

If you bowl frequently, make sure you own a good pair of bowling shoes. Spending money on bowling shoes will go a long way toward making you a better bowler. It is important to maintain good balance while walking on the approach and having a smooth and even slide into the foul line. Quality bowling shoes will provide you with sliding stability, durability, and comfort. They also come in attractive style and color options.

The number of bowling balls you transport to and from the bowling center and how many accessories you use, helps determine the right bowling bag to use. Bag options in today's market include Tote Bags and Roller Bags. Some Tote bag models can accommodate one or two bowling balls, shoes, and accessory items. Roller bag models accommodate from one to six bowling balls, shoes, and accessories.

Ask the pro shop professional which accessories will be most useful. Many bowlers will improve with the use of a wrist support device, yet never try one. Cleaning and polishing your ball after use helps you maintain a consistent surface. If you don't have bowling tape, ask the pro shop professional to recommend which tape may best suit your needs, particularly if your fingers expand or contract after bowling or in hot or very cold weather.

Make sure you have a bowling towel. A microfiber towel will clean the dirt and oil off of your bowling ball surface between deliveries and after bowling.

As a beginner bowler, we recommend taking coaching lessons where a professional bowling instructor works with you to learn the fundamentals of the game. Often, the cost of a single lesson with a professional will cost less than a new bowling ball. Learning the keys to making an effective bowling approach and how to deliver the ball will steer you in the right direction.

Also, a coach will give you important advice on practicing with your new equipment and developing a strategy to work on physical game fundamentals that you learn while taking bowling lessons. Ask your pro shop professional or the bowling center management how you can learn more about getting bowling lessons and who you should contact.

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