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New Releases: Roto Grip Mutant Cell Pearl and Grenade!

You've been asking for it. And Roto Grip, as always, has delivered. The perfect compliment to the Mutant Cell . A ball with the famous Cell line midlane read with MAXIMUM backend reaction! Introducing the Mutant Cell Pearl!

The Evolution of Technology continues to Mutate! Introducing the Roto Grip Mutant Cell Pearl.

The Mutant Cell Pearl is currently selling for $139.9900 and rates a 218.4.

Dry lanes can be the boon of many a bowler's existence. Most of the time it's not that people can't bowl on scorched lanes, it's that they don't have the correct ball in their hands! This is why urethane coverstocks are like bellbottoms in the mid-90's.... they're back in style! The Grenade is the perfect weapon for dry lanes!

Roto Grip - We're pulling the pin, tossing the Grenade and shaking it up. Urethane is back!

The Grenade is currently selling for $129.9900 and rates a 131.5.