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New Releases: Hammer Ratchet And Arson Pearl

Hammer Ratchet:

The new Ratchet really tightens your grip on the lanes. Crank it up and watch this ball turn!

Crank your performance up a notch with the Hammer Ratchet bowling ball!

The Ratchet is currently selling for $149.9900 and rates a 205.2.

Hammer Arson Pearl:

The Arson Pearl gives you HammerHeads the perfect ball for medium oil and longer patterns without too much volume. If you're looking for length with a strong, controllable backend reaction, this is an amazing choice!

Sometimes you want your fire to burn a bit longer before scorching the backends. The perfect match is the Hammer Arson Pearl!

The Arson Pearl is currently selling for $119.9900 and rates a 181.8.